Strategic Messaging

Our unique collaborative brainstorming systems help to drive the process of discovering how best to position your brand and your messages for maximum impact and results.

Creative Design

Identifying the most effective expression for your message – including the initial WOW impact of the creative delivery, as well as the subtle accompanying sub-messages – is the foundation of our design work.


Every visual presentation hinges on the quality of the script, and we make sure your message is captured in language that imparts your brand’s salient points with precision and power. We craft each production to the specific medium where it will be shown – utilizing the highest-quality gear for large-screen showings, and more cost-effective equipment for web sites and internal uses.


From Product Launches – to Press Events – to Sales and Marketing Meetings – to Key Customer retention events – The Image Company selects the scale of our solutions to perfectly match the scale of your challenges. Our proven Production Processes address every aspect of creating, budgeting, scheduling, testing, and communicating, so that you are always in the loop and confident in the outcome.


The power of a company’s brand is crucial to their continued success. Our comprehensive Branding Process will identify your key differentiation points in the competitive marketplace, and how best to use that knowledge to increase your success.


Maybe it’s a PowerPoint presentation you need for your next event. Maybe your company needs a new logo design. Maybe you need a new brochure, or a new look for your tradeshow booth, or promotional products such as shirts and hats. Our graphic designs will get your brand noticed.


When the right music accompanies a visual or an experience, the moment resonates with an especially strong emotional connection. Whether selecting the perfect piece of pre-recorded music, or composing and creating a custom score or song for you, we know how to make the sounds that synergize and maximize your moment with your target audience.